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"I came to Broadview Dental as a student with strange mix of tiny insurance options. Dr. Ioannidis and the staff helped me plan my care to make sure I got the treatment I needed at the right time, and to make the most of my coverage."

"I donít make a lot of money, and my insurance isnít great. The team at Broadview Dental helped me make the most of my insurance, and plan for my long-term health. I know they put their patients first, and I couldnít be happier with the work theyíve done!"

"The team at Broadview Dental treat me as a person first, and a patient second. On the front desk, Matt remembers details I mentioned in passing a year ago. Michael and Sera take the time to explain procedures to me Ė which really matters when youíre in the chair! And Dr. Ioannidis always makes sure Iím fully informed about all my treatment options. Thank you, Broadview Dental!"

"The whole team at Broadview Dental really took care of me as a whole person, not just a dental patient. We talked about my lifestyle, my work, my insurance coverage, and worked out how my dental care could support my overall health."

"Going in to the dentist can be really nerve-wracking. But the team at Broadview Dental always put me at my ease: they ask about my studies and work, they check in on how my life might affect my health, and of course they give full answers when I ask about my dental care. If it werenít for the furniture, it would be like visiting a neighbour."

"Iíve moved from city to city enough that Iíve seen my share of dentists. When my friends move to Toronto, I always recommend Broadview Dental. Their combination of clinical professionalism and truly warm, personal care for their patients is unlike any other dental practice I have seen. If you want top professional treatment in a family-like environment, look no further."


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